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Berlin Segway Tour

Are you thinking about making a trip to Berlin this summer? Would you be interested to comfortably and quickly see the best of the city of Berlin? This time we offer a tour of Berlin in Segway , a comfortable and pleasant to visit the city soon and see all the best Berlin has to offer.

This kind of walk through Berlin is ideal for the first day of your arrival. From your Segway tour in Berlin, with a professional guide can decide what you most want to see in the city on the following dates of your stay in Berlin. Scroll over Berlin without effort and an estimated four hours. Crossing the parks and sidewalks with his Segway, you can see the best of the city.

But what is a Segway? This is a personal transportation device that auto-balancing is designed to operate in any environment suitable for pedestrians. It is a vehicle simple and easy to drive, but in any case, you will also provide an introductory course at the start of his tour through Berlin .

The walk begins at the entrance of the Television Tower in Alexanderplatz. This is an easy place to identify where your guide will be waiting, easily recognized as the person operating a Segway and forth right in front of the TV tower.

Once attendees arrive every tour a maximum of five participants per guide and ten in total in the group, since it is a tour for small groups - will begin a brief orientation session on the use of Segway vehicles. Those who so wish will be well equipped helmet. In case of rain, they also provide a poncho for wet weather.

With the completion of the preparation, will start the tour in Berlin for the small group, personalized experience in your professional informative and friendly guide walks you through the major attractions for tourism in the city of Berlin.

In this comprehensive tour, you will tour the main attractions, with lots of time to make stops, take pictures and learn all about the unique history of the city of Berlin. Your knowledgeable guide, a person with a native level of English, we also explain the major current events and lifestyle of the XXI century Berlin, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Some of the main attractions to visit during your tour through Berlin are the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, the Plaza de Marx & Engels, the Palace of the Republic, Hitler's bunker, the famous Potsdamer Platz, the Gendarmenmarkt, Topography of Terror Nazi, the main avenue Unter den Linden, Checkpoint Charlie, the Ministry of Bebelplatz Luftwaffe, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and Parliament or Reichstag.

After about four hours, your guide will take you back to the starting point in front of the television tower in Alexanderplatz, thus ending their tour in Berlin.

The cost of this tour is £ 61.31 or € 69.00 for all adults over 16 who participate in the trip. The cost of your ticket includes four-hour tour through Berlin, hiring professional guide who will accompany the tour-only in English - the orientation to the use of Segway last approximately 30 minutes - included in the total duration of the tour, the helmet-optional-and rain ponchos when necessary. Not included in the cost of tips, which are always optional, as well as meals, drinks and shuttle service to and from the hotel.

For hours, there are three tour options: a morning tour that has a beginning at 9.30 am, a morning tour begins at 2:00 pm and a third tour to the afternoon, at 6:00 pm.

When booking your Segway Tour in Berlin will give you an instant confirmation, provided when you book more than 48 hours in advance. If you book within two days before his trip, the confirmation can take place later and is subject to availability.

Being a Segway ride , not walk, apply some special conditions. Remember, at the time of reservation, participants must be over 16 years of age and have a weight of 100 pounds (45 kilograms) and 250 pounds (110 kilograms) or so to drive a Segway. Participants must be able to perform movements such as climbing or descending stairs without any assistance or guidance of another passenger. Additionally, all participants must have a valid driver's license the day making the tour of Berlin.

Similarly, when starting the tour, each participant of the Segway tour in Berlin will have to pay a damage deposit of 400 euros. This money can be retained in a credit card Mastercard, Visa, Amex, deposit will be repaid at the end of the tour. Similarly, cash can be paid in euros, in which case this sum will be returned after completion of the tour.

The Berlin Segway tour is ideal for those visiting the city for the first time, although it is recommended to all those visiting Berlin for whatever reason and the time is. We hope you enjoy Berlin!

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