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Cala Figuera is the most beautiful fishing village on Majorca

The picturesque fishing village of Cala Figuera, Mallorca is located on the east coast of the island. It is a small paradise for individualists.

When you arrive in late March in Cala Figuera, one has the feeling to be the only tourist in this little place. The shops are almost all to a restaurant at the port is open for the hungry stragglers, otherwise there is deep peace.

Toni also has opened its Hostal Marblau yet, but the guest has enough confidence and a house key. From the roof terrace of the Marblau you have a broad view of the fishing village up to the blue and sparkling sea and, on the other hand, to the mountains.

The romantic harbor of Cala Figuera
Cala Figuera is in a deep, located at the end of two-part bay. Around the bay there are small houses that are rented for part of holiday guests. In the bays are small but also some larger fishing boats. Around the bay as possible can be achieved in a short hike over the rocks to the lighthouse across the harbor from there and has spectacular views over the village, its harbor and the ocean.

At the port there are a number of restaurants and the very well-located Bon bar where you can order ice cream. On the quay, under old olive trees are numerous blue, green or turquoise colored fishing nets. It smells of the sea, fish and a bit of oil and gasoline boats.

In the evening you can sit in a small restaurant and enjoy freshly caught fish and a lovely view of the harbor backdrop. Even if it's warm during the day has to be supplied in March / April for the cozy restaurant or walk in the evening with a little wool over his shoulders.

Enterprises on foot, by bike, car or bus on Mallorca
During the day you have to do many more possibilities. A bus runs daily from Cala Figuera to Palma. On his route and the resort of Colonia de St. Jordi is one of the reach of the most famous and largest beach on the island can be: It Trenc.

If you want to explore the area without a car better, so you can visit at short but also longer walks to the nearest beach and spend the day. The beach Cala Santaniy is only three kilometers away and can be seen. Most of the buildings there are hidden by dense pine vegetation, the beach clean, the water clear. To Cala S `Amarador in the large, beautiful park Mondrago it is much more. Well worth a visit but very, since the two adjacent bays invite relaxed sunbathing on the sandy beach kiefernbesäumten. In the neighboring village Santaniy Wednesdays and Saturdays we have a lush, interesting market. There you can buy local products as well as kitsch and art, or just sitting in one of the outdoor cafes and watch the world go by.

Who would not walk, can borrow in Cala Figuera a wheel. This is not only in a short time at all the beautiful bays and small towns nearby, but can also enjoy rides through the untouched natural acting of this land. Cala Figuera, there is also a cheap car rental, so you can leave the quiet village of problems for other trips.

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