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Dubai, the Manhattan of the Deserts

The luxury here is exacerbated consumerism and baroque, but Dubai, large city that has grown at the expense of the sand and the sea, still has small cracks of traditional Arab culture.

How small it seems everything from the tallest tower in the world would say that cars are ants, multi-lane highways, a set of escalextric even the rest of Dubai skyscrapers seem conventional buildings. The only thing that impresses with its size are the sands of the desert, those that the city has been taking every inch to develop.

Because that is Dubai, one of the seven members of the United Arab Emirates: a skyline of cranes and buildings in a sea of sand. The city is spread out wide, as has the inhospitable desert behind and in front of the sea. Also true that trying to grow in the waters of the Persian Gulf and the proof is the Burj Al Arab, the famous sail-shaped hotel and the Palm and The World complex, the latter of doubtful permanence in time (according to gossip, the sea is taking the levees of different artificial islands).

Dubai's luxury exacerbated consumerism baroque madness small estate but still retains vestiges of traditional Arab culture, but need to know to look for. Pharaonic shelter before malls (they say begins to compete as a shopping destination with New York), the city was concentrated around the Creek, Firth of 15 kilometers. Embracing both sides are Deira and Bur Dubai, the districts with more flavor, more authentic.

Bur Dubai is the neighborhood of the wind towers, a particular form of conditioning that towers over the houses to catch the breeze and lead then down through a central fireplace. Its streets include the souk, very busy on Friday evening, when taken by expatriate workers who come in his only time off to do the weekly shopping. Special mention also the alley Hindi, the best place to buy pashminas or cd's of Bollywood, a journey to India.

The 'open' or water taxis will take you from one neighborhood to another in Dubai for a reasonable price and very nice

Best of Dubai is that after the ride, you have to cross the river to get to Deira: the open , water taxis will take you from one district to another for a small fee in such a pleasant experience that the journey is especially short. Before entering the streets of Deira spend a little time to spring the dhows , sailing long wooden dock in this area since 1830. These vessels, which are still made ​​by hand, are used to transport goods from Iran, India, Yemen and are usually loaded with the most varied products, hairdryers, washing machines, cans, wheels ...

Deira is a decadent streets swarm of why it is easy to miss. The wiring of the streets and the clothes hanging in the windows will move to other Arab cities, making him forget who is in a rich country, the second richest of all the emirates. But that feeling suddenly disappears when you enter the gold souk, a feast for the senses, both the accumulated amount of jewelry there faces as the traveler gets to shine as precious metals.

The windows of the countless shops expose all kinds of jewelry, some that are so very tacky recharged. Beyond the wooden shutters of the souk will run into mosques, locals playing cricket, tea rooms, post of rose water, traditional small businesses coexist with large malls where women dressed in Ayaba spend the day, card credit in hand.

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