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Places for Hiking near Soria in Spain

Soria land of river Douro is the most extensive forests of Europe and a great historical heritage. The Romanesque Route Soria , castles and all the historical and artistic heritage.

Tierras de Soria , which inspired Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Gerardo Diego and Antonio Machado, in , hiking in Soria.

Soria has the largest forest of Europe, hundreds of small and large trails, routes to enjoy their agricultural areas, its moors and forests of beech, poplar white poplars.

Wall Road
A route to learn more about the history of Soria. Walking through the medieval walled perimeter with a length of over 4 kilometers. The route is signposted.
Distance of approximately 4,500 meters. The slope is 226 meters, the average difficulty.

It begins and ends the route in the heart of Soria at the confluence of the Calle Marques de Vadillo with Door
The city of Soria is strengthened following the attack on it downloaded Sancho VII the Strong of Navarre in the early thirteenth century. Sancho IV started building the walls. During the War of Independence was demolished much of the wall being at present only a few stretches.
The walls had a length of 4,100 meters. built in masonry and reinforced corners. The wall was along the lines of the border hilltops Myron and Castle. I had 8 doors to access into the city of Soria.

About 6 miles round trip.
Start route at visitor reception center in Fielato.

Medium difficulty.
You can admire beautiful landscapes. From the visitor center across the river Douro and its medieval bridge. Then turn left on Paseo del Postigillo, spent the metal bridge and go to the ride San Saturio. San Polo crossed the iron bridge and the railway.
Take a detour to the left that goes up the gorge to where we see a track for vehicles up the road from Alcon. From here there is only a short walk to a scenic area where you can enjoy beautiful views.

Course: 4.71 miles, about 1 hour.
On this route you can enjoy geological formations, cave shelters. Bureau of the Queen, Rock of Issachar, Vega del Cubillo, Peñas Blancas.
Start of route: rock shelter close to the rope Torilejos a sample of rock art of the Neolithic.
We took the path of Peter where we see different geological formations resulting from erosion of the sandstone. We reached the old road of Castillejos, from there to the place de la Peña Gorda, where we see a large area of grass for livestock.

We crossed the pasture and came to the Cerro de los Castillejos from its summit you can enjoy a stunning view of Valonsandero.
In the fall we go to Glen Valdecaballos among oak trees. In the fall we went through the training, the table of the Queen and the Rock of Issachar, on whose walls are paintings.

Reaching the river stones and follow the trail that runs along the right bank of the river until the end of the route (and start of the route).

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