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Island of Madeira

Madeira, a Portuguese island in the archipelago of Madeira has become a popular tourist destination. The Madeira archipelago consists of two inhabited islands - Madeira and Porto Santo - and two uninhabited islands - Deserted Islands and Savage Islands. Although these islands are part of Portugal, they are often included with the Azores. In a card, you are in Iceland Madeira, off the south-west of Portugal and locate between the Azores and the Canary Islands. Madeira's capital Funchal, which has a beautiful harbor in a natural environment.

Madeira has its own regional government and a democracy. The currency is the euro and the main language of Portuguese. The people are friendly and many speak English, though they prefer it if you tried to speak the language. The Madeirenses have been influenced by Catholicism in history and religion plays an important role in their culture. Many festivals are celebrated in honor of the popular saints. The landscape of the island of Madeira is passed as a "campo" and where agriculture is an important part of the economy in Madeira. The capital city is alive with tourism. Madeira offers beautiful natural scenery, colorful gardens, mild climate and rich culture. Many tourists are now experiencing, the country with activities such as walking, hiking, fishing and enjoy the natural settings that the island offers. There are also local festivals on the weekends with music and traditional cuisine, including a fireworks display. There are also beautiful beaches, swimming pools, golf courses, markets, museums and historic churches to visit. One of the most impressive features of Madeira is its natural beauty and gardens, including caves and nature reserves. The government is environmentally conscious.

What the local customs and the capital Funchal, the noise level high, and take the fast and offensive. Car noise can be a little annoying, a few tourists. Fortunately, the landscape offers a relaxing break. Tourists should be careful when crossing roads. The crime is very low, but tourists should use common sense when hiking through the island. Time is working on the 24-hour clock, or what we call military time. Find phones, currency exchange kiosks and taxis around the island for your convenience. If you disable or move in a wheelchair difficult, since most of the island is not with people with disabilities developed in the eye. Some hotels are able to some requirements to be fair, but be sure to questions, if you're putting your book. Most hotels are in the capital. There are also accommodations are called cottages Quintas or large houses that were converted into small hotels.

Madeira is to visit an exciting and vibrant island full of things to see and do, colorful and natural surroundings, good food, perfect weather, friendly and warm people.

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