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New York Central Park the Memorial Park

At Central Park, the preservation program allows the park to adopt a bench. You can affix one of them a plaque to recall a memory.

Central Park is unquestionably the most famous park in the world. The one that everyone dreams to walk one day. During a stay in New York, it is therefore essential to have a look there. This ocean of greenery in the heart of Manhattan is the lung of the city. At the turn of a few paths, benches invite you to relax. On some of them, small plates are affixed, on which are inscribed some words stolen from the privacy of their owner.

Adopt a school
Central Park has more than 9,000 public beds that can be adopted, or at least make his mark ... for the tidy sum of 7500 dollars. The money collected is used to preserve the park, its fauna and flora, and maintenance of green spaces. In exchange for its contribution, the organization responsible for the preservation of the park (the Central Park Conservancy ) affix a plaque on the bench chosen by the donor. The latter can then burn over a personalized inscription. Other generous contributors will even pay 25,000 dollars for a plate affixed to a bench hand made in a specific area of the park. For some Americans, the memories are priceless ...

So far, more than 2,000 schools have been so adopted. A marriage proposal, a tribute to a victim of Sept. 11, a heartbreaking message from a mother to her child too early out, a lyrical for eternal love ... or other more wacky. Tablets that everyone can afford to pass a message to recall a happy memory, for posterity, exceed the ages ...

The " Adopt a Bench "(" Adopt a Bench ") was launched in 1986 to raise funds to preserve the beauty and tranquility of this fragile nature in the heart of the city. The money raised is also used to buy other banks for New Yorkers and tourists.

the Central Park Conservancy manages the assets and ensures the preservation of the park in the state. This organization also conducts exhibitions of Central Park that are renewed every 6 months.

A few words of love which prove to be much more romantic than an SMS and that persist over time. Another good reason to linger in this verdant setting, reading some of the messages left here.

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