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Spa Vacation Destinations

Looking for a somewhere where you can rejuvenate and relax the mind, purge the senses, detoxify the skin and treat common health ailments using alternative,natural therapies? Consider a temporary holiday at a health spa. A perfect motivational destination for your next non-conventional holiday, at health spas mind, body and spirit unite and are holistically pampered and treated with advanced fitness, nutritional and beauty spa techniques and principles.

A day, weekend or week getaway at one of the most luxurious health spa centers in the nation can restore your energy, alleviate stress, clear the mind, and inspire you to implement healthy lifestyle habits and make positive and lasting fitness and nutritional changes. Relax and melt in a destination spa's ultra luxurious treatments. Restore your oneness with nature by enjoying the serenity of the natural environment. Visiting a spa can truly be a life changing experience. For a vacation you'll never forget, consider visiting America's top three health spas as your next holiday vacation destination.

Nestled in the tranquil red rocks of St. George, Utah and winner of Forbes' "Most Luxurious Super-Spa" award, Red Mountain health spa offers natural detox regimes, customized weight loss programs, personal coaching, informational seminars, and group and individualized fitness assessment classes and therapies. The fitness class program combines muscle conditioning with sweat-inducing cardio, and graceful balance training to blast fat, re sculpt the body and stimulate mental and physical coalescence.

Harmonize yourself with the natural environment by taking part in Red Mountain outdoor fitness and leisure program, which includes a complete hiking, biking and adventure vacation schedule.

Red Mountain also promotes spiritual healing through self discovery, meditation and spiritual therapies, such as crystal healing treatments and New Age energy therapy.

Red Mountain's restaurants serve delicious and nutritious dishes, like Coriander Crust Chicken and Red Pepper-Swiss Chard Risotto. Love the gourmet, healthy cuisine so much and want to take it home? Red Mountain's cooking classes were voted by Spa Finder Magazine as among the "most healthy" and professional chefs can teach you yummy yet nutritious, take-home recipes.

When you are finally ready unwind, treat your skin to upscale beauty spa treatments, which employ a rich ingredients like natural mineral mud blends, clay salts and desert botanicals.Conde Nast's top ten "destination spa winner," Red Mountain welcomes overnight guests into spacious accommodations, ranging from guest rooms, to Mountain View suites, to spaciously beckoning villas.

Situated in Fairfield, Iowa and featured in CBS, Newsweek and Time Magazine, the Raj health spa's Ayureveda inspired techniques have been practiced for over 5,000 years in ancient and modern India.

An ancient holistic health care system, Ayureveda treats common health ailments by blending ancient wisdom with transcendal meditation, herbal and botanical medicines, spiritual and physical purification, and healthy ritual practices. The Raj Health Spa successfully treats common disorders and conditions, like asthma, arthritis, insomnia, menopause and diabetes, headaches, and obesity.

As a Raj guest, you can expect customized spiritual healing and herbal oil treatments, professional and clinical naturopathic diagnosis and health recommendations, a plethora of yoga and fitness classes, specialized and stimulating circulation therapy, light and aroma and sound therapies, and organic, vegetarian meals during the course of your stay.

Customized, advanced skincare and posh aesthetic beauty spa services compliment this health spa's spiritual and mental wellness philosophy. Multiethnic, anti-aging, rejuvenation and advanced detoxification skin care treatments purify superficial and deep impurities, improving circulation, and restoring tautness and smoothness.

For a truly life changing experience, book your stay at one of Town and Country Magazine's "Top 5 Health Spas for the New Millennium."

Retreating to spa-haven Cal-A-Vie Health Spa's serene cottages shrouded in the lush greenery of Vista, California is truly a relaxing experience. Cal- A Vie was Spa Finder's 2007 Reader's Choice Winner for "best weight loss, fitness and hiking programs," and the health and beauty spa boasts numerous traditional and innovative mind-body-spirit fitness activities and classes, like BOSCU training and labyrinth maze walking.

Nutrition is at the core of Cal-A-Vie's mission statement to "inspire positive changes in attitude and lifestyles," and the Cal-A-Vie cookbook offers delicious cuisine, balancing lean protein and complex carbs with antioxidant packed juices, like strawberry, apple and ginger drinks.

Cal-A-Vie's bathhouse is equipped with a steam bath, Vichy shower, and massage rooms, and in-spa therapeutic spa treatments, accentuated by plant and sea extracts and skincare ingredients, encourage total body cleansing and conditioning. Cal-A-Vie offers a complete beauty spa menu, specializing in unique services such as hydrotherapy, Mysofacial release, Bodycoffee contouring and body cellulite wrap.

Another excellent spa destination choice, Cal-A-Vie's numerous pampering packages bundle together various, fitness, skincare and nutritional services into three or four night retreats or week-long stays.

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