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Wilanow Palace in South of Warsaw

In the late seventeenth century (1677 – 1696) that King John III Sobieski decided to establish south of Warsaw, his summer residence. To do so, he appealed to an Italian architect, Locci, which drew a superb baroque palace. The palace was enlarged over the centuries. This was later the residence of the most famous aristocratic families (the family Sieniawski, the Czartoryski, King Augustus II the Strong, the Lubomirski, the Potocki, the Branicki). Then from 1945 is in the palace, a subsidiary of the National Museum.

Now enjoy interiors of this palace that some call the “Polish Versailles”. Its interiors feature three different times about their style of XVII th in the nineteenth century. The palace was then characterized by rich baroque interiors. Since the early days, I walk in the midst of endless corridors. Then began a succession of rooms and richly decorated rooms, then I discovered Baroque frescoes uncovered during the restoration of the palace in the years 1955-1965. The decor is plentiful: stucco, marble, painted ceilings, Flemish tiles, gilded with fine gold, shiny floors, tapestries and mosaics covered my eyes wide open! Upstairs, I am pleased to see a gallery of portraits of monarchs and representatives of the aristocracy and nobility, Poles of great merit and facilitators of the arts. Then follow a hall and rooms which house a magnificent collection of clocks.

The palace also houses under its roof the museum of art within a gallery of portraits funeral (formerly painted on the coffins) and a section devoted to utilitarian art. I confess that at the end of the visit, the portrait gallery me a little tired.

In summary the palace thus distinguished by its rich interiors, one can see beautiful rooms at the sumptuous decor, vases, silverware, and collections of paintings endless. The palace can imagine that the bearing could be when his family lived there.

Having stalled inside the palace, it’s time to move to a relaxing stroll in the park surrounding the palace. The park covers more than forty acres and has different styles of art in the garden between the seventeenth and the nineteenth century. Small buildings and statues are hidden in the green. Sculptures, fountains, monuments, flower beds, rows of trees make a wonderful walk. This is a place of tranquility conducive to healing.

The park and palace Wilanow are extremely charming, a visit not to be missed. For information it is possible to eat locally for a few breweries are located in the park, which enabled me to lunch in a beautiful setting

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