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Attractions of India

With housing an exclusively diverse topography, India in itself is a mini-world, where you can get almost all of the distinctive destinations in a single place which otherwise can be found in different destinations of the world. India is exceptionally blessed with stupendous natural beauty which is extraordinarily adorned with some manmade wonders too. Beside the natural and artificial wonder India is famed for its rich culture, age old customs and traditions, unique art and architecture, idiosyncratic way of living, vivid fairs and festivals, spiritual significance and many of such distinctive features which you will definitely come across while exploring through this incredible nation.

This prosperous nation is beyond any kind of description but via this article we would like to make you familiar to the most prominent and eminent attractions of India which allures the tourists all over the world. To mention all of the attractions is not feasible to describe within words therefore below are some of the most dominant ones which are ‘must visit’ destinations if you are travelling to this amazing land.

Taj Mahal, Agra – this epitome of love poised elegantly against the river Yamuna and stands as one of seven the wonder’s of the world as well as the world heritage site is the most eminent as well as visited site of India. Affirming to be the diadem of India tourism Taj Mahal is the most romantic and beautiful monument of the world. This white marble mausoleum is exquisitely adorned with intricate marble work, calligraphy and inlaid semiprecious gemstone and elegantly exhibits an amazing blend of Persian and Islamic architecture.

Culture of India – the true essence of this cultural land can be endured via its heritage and rural lifestyle of Rajasthan. The royal land of Rajasthan has been eminent for housing magnificent heritage sites that exquisitely exhibit the rich history and culture of India as well as the artistic brilliance. There are myriads of architectural marvels like forts and palaces which will surely spell bound you by its intricate work and fascinating settings. Some of the most prominent ones are the city palace, Hawa Mahal, Havellis of Jaisalmer, Lake Palace, Chittorgarh Fort, Junahgarh fort and amber fort etc. Camel safari is recommended to explore this royal land to have the true spirit of India.

Exotic wildlife – India houses some of the rarest of flora, fauna and avifauna species which is exclusive to this wonder land. Indian government has taken many initiatives to preserve its exotic wildlife via numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The most eminent destinations to catch the wildlife in action are Ranthambore National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Sariska National Park and Jim Corbett National Park. Besides that Periyar National Park, Kanha National Park, and Bharatpur bird sanctuary are not far behind they are equally prominent with some more distinctive species of wildlife.

Pristine beaches – India has been exclusively blessed with an eternal coastline which endow numerous of beautiful beaches which can compete any of the world top beaches. The best of these beaches can be endure in Goa which houses spectacular beaches having golden sand with shimmering azure sea and bestowing exciting water sports and adventure activities like water scootering, beach volleyball, sea swimming, sun bathing amidst the mesmerizing setting. Besides the beaches Goa’s churches set against the picturesque backdrop are equally eminent.

Natural wonders – India exclusively blessed with nature’s best creations and to behold the most of it one should definitely visit Kerala which houses the most mesmerizing natural wonders. From pristine beaches to cascading waterfalls, from emerald fields to spell bounding hill stations Kerala is replete with nature. The best of nature’s wonder which Kerala exclusively shelters in the enchanting backwaters whose charismatic beauty can best be endured with traditional Kerala houseboats.

Religious centers – the spiritual aspect of this enchanting nation allures scores of tourist. India is exclusively dotted with many religious sites and ancient temples but Varanasi is the origin of India’s religion. The Ghats of Varanasi endowing numerous allurements such as the amazing site of the Sadhus engrossed in their religious practices, the chants, the prayers of the ancient temples, the divine fragrance of the incense, devotees taking a holy dip in the sacred water of the Ganges etc. the most eminent attraction of the place is the Ganges Aarti which beholds the most striking sight that will surely let you come across to your spiritual self. Haridwar and Rishikesh are also among the most prominent religious centers of India.

There are many more attractions of India but as said earlier all of them can’t be described in word. Therefore it is advisable to come and visit all of its incredible attractions in person.

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