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Ayurvedic Spa Tours Packages

The best thing you can indulge in a holiday in some of the most exquisite spas and ayurvedic rejuvenation centers? Heal yourself from within and along the walkway of the relaxation by the company one of the Ayurvedic Spa Tours Packages in India. Discover the secrets of the ancient power of natural herbs and other extracts that give an experience of transformation and healing, not only the body but also the spirit.Deciphering the mysteries of Ayurveda that exist in the manuscripts and to explain the experience that is very popular and universally accepted.Walking alone in some of the greatest centers of Ayurveda and spa in the south to give you the experience you have thought about using professionals and researchers. The Spa and Ayurveda package tour includes visits to various places in southern India

There are specific ayurvedic treatment for Rheumatic disease, Arthritis, Paralysis Spondylitis, Asthma, Muscular Dystrophy, Lower back pain, Slip Disk, Stress disorder, Neurological disorders, Respiratory Diseases and Gynecological problems. Weight loss is controlled as well.

Panchakarma Ayurvedic Rejuvenation: This is the most famous treatment for longevity which includes Emesis therapy, Purgation therapy, Nasal therapy, Therapeutic enema with Medicated oil and Enema with herbal decoction. Panchakarma is performed in three stages. This revitalizes, increases memory power and provides vigor & vitality to the mind and the body.

Pizhichil: In this treatment medicated warm oil is poured constantly on whole body to give relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating experience.

Abhayangam: Medicated Oil is used to massage the body with specific implications to the 107 significant points of the body.

Sirodhara: Its treatment is same like ‘Abhayangam’.
Shirovasti: This therapy is used for treating ailments in the cranial region. A leather sleeve of about six to eight inches in length is placed on the head of the patient and a band (vartti) is tied around the forehead to keep it in place. Kneaded dough is used to line the insides of the sleeve to ensure that the oil does not leak. Oil is then poured into the sleeve and allowed to remain on the head for a while. The duration of the treatment depends upon the severity of the disease. Various other massages like ELAKIZHI, NJAVARAKIZHI, NASYAM, VASTI are used to treat various other disorders of the body in a pure natural manner.

Manaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Village
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