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Custom Baggage

Broadly speaking, there are two channels for custom authorization. One is known as Green Channel according to which the items which are in possession of the visitors are free from duty. Second one is known as Red Channel according to which the visitors are required to declare the items in possession on the Tourist Baggage Re-Export Form and are subject to custom duty as per the rules laid down by the Government of India under Indian Customs Law.

Green Channel Items
The following items are free from the duty as laid down by the Indian Customs Law:

Items Free From Duty
Age of Passenger
10 years and above Below 10 years
1 Used personal effects required for satisfying daily necessities of life (except jewellery)

Other articles, except firearms; cartridges of fire arms exceeding 50; cigarettes exceeding 200 or cigars exceeding 50 or tobacco exceeding 250 gms; alcoholic liquor or wines in excess of two liters; gold or silver, in any form, other than ornaments, carried on the person or as accompanied baggage.

(a) Stay abroad for more than three days Rs.25000/- (in value) Rs.12000/- (in value)
(b) Stay abroad upto three days Rs.6000/- (in value) Rs.3000/- (in value)
3 One Laptop computer (notebook computer) imported by a passenger (but not a member of the crew of a ship / aircraft) Free, if the passenger is of the age of 18 years or above.
4 Cinematographic Films, exposed but not developed Free

Red Channel Items
Under this category, visitors have to make declaration of their baggage containing the dutiable articles or high-value objects. All these dutiable articles or high value articles, which should be recorded on the Tourist Baggage Re-Export Form can also be re-exported at the time of leaving the country. The visitors can not carry more than US$10,000 in hard cash without declaration. If the amount goes beyond that then the visitors have to release it in the Currency Declaration Form from the Customs department.

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