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People and Lifestyle in India

In a cosmopolitan sub-continent like India in its incredible form, tourists and travelers discover a rich amalgamation of versatile customs and traditions, values and culture broadly categorized as north India culture holidays, south India culture holidays, east India culture holidays, west India culture holidays on the basis of lifestyle that people distinctly represent from their own regions. These variations of lifestyle are found among the people of India mainly because of its geographical diversity conditioned the entire way of life. However, the travelers will find the changes in dialects, colors, clothing, food style, taste, habits, manners, behaviors, music and dance (specially of folk music) and many other living styles when they will pass by the inter-state boundaries while traveling by Indian railways or making car city tourism. So, the lifestyle of the people of India is very much conditioned by its geography representing Himalayan Regions from its northern side, Indian Ocean from its southern side, Arabian Ocean from its western side and Bay of Bengal from its eastern side.

It depends on the mood of travelers whether they are interested to take general overview of the lifestyle of the people of India or specific view of the people of India and their lifestyle. For general overview, travelers, while traveling to the famous travel destinations of India like south India, north India, east India and west India, they will automatically observe the variations of lifestyle while using things used in daily life but for the specific overview of the people of India, travelers have to interact with the local people professionally, keeping in mind the culture, traditions and values of the tourist destination.

Indian Clothing
There are some occasions which are most striking to differentiate the lifestyle of the people of India while observing colourful and diverse attire of the people in different states of India. The attire of women of Rajasthan is Lehenga or Ghaghara Choli and the men attire is turban tied in various styles. In Punjab, the women attire is Salwar-Kameez along with Dupatta or Chunni that beautifies the entire set of clothing. This dress style is also found in the northern Indian states of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. The women of West India mostly wear the sarees as traditional costumes while in Goa they prefer skirts and tops, trousers and shirts, wrap-arounds. The women of Gujarat mostly wear Ghaghara or Lehenga choli as their traditional dress. The women of south India wear Saree while young girls wear half Saree and the men wear either Dhoti or a colourful Lungi with different styles and patterns. The women of West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa in East India wear the Saree as their traditional attire with only differentiation of unique style of wearing.

Fairs and Festivals of India
The second aspect of knowing the variant and diverse culture and lifestyle of the people of India are watching the fairs and festivals of India broadly based upon their religions, culture, traditions, observance in which the people echo with their unique and rhythmic cycle of vibrant lifestyle. On every occasion of Indian fairs and festivals, the people are enjoying with color, dance, music and drama along with other local or folk presentation. Some of the famous festivals of India which are categorized as the must see festivals of India are Holi famous in the world as the festival of color which is being participated by all the communities of India! Dussehra is famous as per the legend as the victory of Good over evil. Onam is the regional festival of Kerala celebrated as harvest festival; Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan is the world largest camel fair; Sonepur Fair is the biggest cattle fair of Asia where the devotees offer prayer to Lord Shiva; Eid-ul-fitr is the biggest festival of Muslims providing different overview of the Indian culture and lifestyle. The festival of Christmas is celebrated 25th December every year to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus.

Indian Wedding
Weddings in India are another parameter of knowing the vast and variant culture and life style of the people of India. The customs, rituals, rites, traditions vary from community to community that bewitch the imagination of the travelers to experience the wondrous social customs of the land. The various popular styles of Indian weddings that provide an overview of variant lifestyle of the people of India are Rajasthani wedding style, Punjabi wedding style, Tamil Vedic style, Bengali wedding style, Sindhi wedding style; however the Saat Pheres or the Seven Rounds around the pious fire is an important part of the Indian wedding.

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