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Indian Cuisines

The Portuguese traveler Vasco-Da-Gama came to India in search of spices and made profit sixty times more than total purchase cost. So, Indian cuisine is famous since ages. Like Indian culture, art, place and people Indian food is also full of diversity. Indian cuisine is known for using various varieties of spices which are responsible for getting accolades for their cuisines all across the globe. These spices are grown in different Indian states such as kerala, Karnataka, Goa etc. Most of the spices used in the dishes exhibit some of the best medicinal features.

Some famous varieties are Bengali food, Kashmiri food, Punjabi food, Rajasthani food, Gujrati food, Maharastrian food and South Indian Food. Kashmiri food is served with various spices like cinnamon, cardamom, Kashmir saffron and cloves. Among the non-vegetarian dishes, mutton of an older lamb is quiet famous. Punjabi food includes chicken, dal makhni, various dishes of chicken curried vegetables and yogurt. Milk is a prominent part of Punjabi cuisine as it is served in many forms like yogurt, sweet blended curd and home made white butter. The Rajasthani food is garnished by garlic, asafetida and fresh onions to enhance the flavor. The cuisine includes native crops like berry, millets and cluster beans. The famous over here is 'dal baati and churma'. Famous delicacies in Gujrati food are dhokla, khandvi, khaman patra, etc. The most famous dish is ‘Shrikhand’. Maharashtrian dishes include Bhel puri, Vada Pao steamed dumpling dessert called modak and varan. Idlis, dosas, sambhar and vada are very famous south Indian foods.

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