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Bangaram Island Resort is a beautiful resort located in Lakshdweep. This is an ideal place to be away from the hiccups of one’s daily lives. This is an island which has a deserted look. To reach here is a bit difficult but boats and helicopters make your journey smooth. There are 30 huts and four bungalows in this Beach Resort. All the huts have tiled roofs and a palm thatched veranda attached to it. You can find a ceiling fan and a fridge in each room. The restaurant at the Resort serves a food with fresh catches from sea and local as well as international dishes. The Bar hut offers you a whole variety of drinks to keep your spirits soaring.

In your leisure time while walking along the beach you will hear the pure and serene sound of waves beating on the shores, swaying of palm trees and chirping sea-birds. The water is calm warm and perfect for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, kayaking or just plainly for wading around. Apart from these activities, you can simply lie on the pristine white sand beach, soak in the sun and enjoy the scenery around.


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