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Asiatic Lion

Asiatic lion is one of the five big cats found only in Gir National Park of Gujarat state in India. They are smaller and lighter than their African cousin lions and watching them hunting around the bushes is really an amazing experience.

Physical description-
In shape and size, Asiatic lions are very similar to the African one. The skull of an adult can be measured up to 340 mm while 266-277 mm for female one. The length of the male one is up to 9.9 feet and can be weighted from160 to 190 kg. Asiatic lions are very social animal, living together in bonding, known as pride. The Asiatic pride is smaller than African pride; approximately two males live in the social group. The prides are formed only for mating or hunting. They usually hunt deer, antelope, gazelle, wild boar, water buffalo and livestock.

The breeding time for the Asiatic lions is around winter season, especially October and November. The male one becomes mature at the age of 5 years and female one at 3.5 to 4 years. The lioness can bear child in every two years. The life expectancy of an Asiatic lion can be from 25 to 30 years.

The lions are known for their handsome manes, the manes of Asiatic one are smaller than African one. Usually females do not have manes. However, the Asiatic lions have bushier coat over their body. The bonding in the social group of lions is very strong. In every pride, there are more than five or six female lions, help in bringing up the babies. Females usually do not hunt and stay at the group where as male chooses solitary life after mating. But the bachelor lion is the major threat for the whole pride as they try to mate with the leading female one and, thus breaks the whole group. The Asiatic lions used to hunt in social group and forms many strategies, unlike tigers.

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